Are Livingsocial Promo Codes Going The Way of the Dinosaur?

livingsocial coupon codes 2018

5 Declining Methods of Advertising

The digital age is changing the way brands advertise to (younger) adults because their consumer behavior isn’t the same as older generations. First, digital content is replacing print media sources like newspapers and magazines. Also, fewer (young) people are watching television and going to the movies. Many households don’t have home telephones, having replaced them with cell phones, making it harder for advertisers to reach consumers at home.

Livingsocial Coupons: Are They Dead?

For a long time, you could find any livingsocial coupon code you needed and used it to save money on escapes, beauty treatments, restaurants, and the like. This coupon website hosted them all: But since Groupon acquired Livingsocial, it seems like they are only allowing coupons for Groupon, instead of Livingsocial. It seems like forever ago, when Livingsocial and Groupon brought the ‘group-buy’ model of coupons to the world in 2011. Will they both go out together?

Newspaper subscribers have declined over the last two decades as more readers turn to digital content. Also, many (remaining) newspaper subscribers are older and outside of the target demographic group that advertisers desire to reach, so newspaper adverts are no longer cost-effective for most brands.


Magazine readership is declining as many people are replacing magazines with interactive digital content. A lot of young people enjoy engaging content that includes interesting videos and interacting (online) with other readers. That’s why digital content is growing more popular, while print media continues to decline. Therefore, magazines are no longer a good way for many brands to reach their (younger) target audience.


Television commercials are still in use, as networks sell advertising to pay for programming. However, fewer people are watching television live because they can stream shows (commercial free) or record shows to watch later (skipping the commercials). Therefore, television advertisements are reaching fewer people than in the past. Also, many young people are cord-cutting – and not watching traditional television programming at all. That makes it hard for advertisers to reach young audiences with their commercials.

Movie theater attendance is declining (especially among younger audiences) because many prefer to stream movies at home. The (average) price of a movie ticket is higher than video streaming services, which allows people to spend less money watching a movie at home. Also, many like to have the freedom of deciding when to watch their film (on-demand), instead of having to see it at a specific time at the movie theater. Unfortunately, since fewer (young) people are going to the movies, brands don’t get their ads in front of as many (target) consumers at the movies.

Lastly, many households no longer have home telephones because their occupants use cell phones. A lot of people won’t answer their cell phone if they don’t recognize the number, so advertisers don’t reach as many consumers through telemarketing. Also, consumer protection groups have lobbied lawmakers to create a national no-call list – which prevents telemarketers from contacting households on the no-call list. Therefore, the number of advertisers that use telemarketing to market products and services is declining.

In short, traditional methods of advertising are declining, since they fail to reach younger consumers. Many brands want to reach younger adults under the age of 50. Unfortunately, younger adults aren’t consuming (as much) print media and traditional entertainment sources. Instead, young people are viewing content on-demand (when and where they want to see it). That makes it challenging for brands to advertise to an audience that consumes media and entertainment through alternative formats.

Finding Fashion Deals Online with iStockphoto Coupons

iStock Promo Codes Open Up A World of Fashion Possibilities.

The futureistock coupon codes 2018 of shopping and finding good deals is online.  More and more shoppers are turning to the internet and looking for bargains, embracing the whole idea of ecommerce and finding some spectacular deals. Often the best deals are only available through the website of even some of the biggest department stores in the world.  There are lots of special deals that are only available to online customers, this makes online shopping very sweet indeed. More retailers are catering to the shopper who wants to shop from the comfort of their living room

The Appeal of Online Shopping

The most obvious reasons that people choose to take advantage of online shopping is the sheer convenience of it all.  There are a dozen things that can go wrong and ruin a trip to the mall, especially during the holidays.  Online shopping has none of these issues and this has gone beyond being just a trend and online shopping is here to stay.   Online shopping is secure and your purchases are perfectly safe.

Finding a Bargain

Not that long ago finding a bargain meant a trip to every mall in town, but in fairness that was part of the appeal chasing down that sweet deal.  Other people spent days cutting coupons out of the Sunday circulars and sorting them out.  Unfortunately the Sunday circulars didn’t extend to offering up coupons for your favorite fashion stores.  You had to wait for the good deals on Black Friday or on Boxing Day.  While the deals on Black Friday aren’t going to end anytime soon, it’s only one day a year.  Don’t you want bargains all year long?

Promo Codes and Online Coupons

Finding a good bargain today means heading into cyberspace and finding deals on the internet.  There are lots of limited time only deals, deals for first time shoppers and monthly offers.  You find the clothing and shoes online that you want to buy then you just add them to your cart and as you’re going through the checkout process you simply input your coupon code and get your discount.  Look at the check out process at Victoria’s Secret to see how it is done.

Where to Find Online Coupon Codes:

There are plenty of sites where you can get the most current discounts.  Our personal favorite is Web Hosting Coupon Codes, which you can find here: If you have no luck there, then you can try Retailmenot and eBates, these are the biggest coupon sites on the internet.  You may also want to subscribe to Groupon, they will send you deals everyday on not just fashions but spas and other services near you.  You can always always find deals from your favorite retailers with just a simple Google search.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are one of the best ways to save money when you are shopping online.  Plenty of shoppers forget to find them before they head over to their favorite online stores.  While there are lots of retailers are using them to lure in new customers and boost their sales numbers.  Like any tool you need to be careful how you use coupon codes to get the best deals. Here are 5 tips to make the most of your coupon codes.

  1. Check your favorite coupon sites before buying anything online. There are so many different sites to find deals that you should bookmark and check which offer the best discounts. Verify that they are a legitimate coupon provider offering authentic codes.
  2. Make sure that the discount applied matches what is advertised on the coupon sites. Also double check before you submit payment, discounts are always added beforehand and never after.
  3. Check the expiration dates if you want to get the applicable discount. Limited supplies may mean that the coupon has a pretty close expiration day and some store will reserve the right to cancel coupons without any notice. Act quickly when you see an offer you want to take advantage of and make sure it is still valid.
  4. Can you take advantage of more than one coupon at a time? Some retailers make this possible while others don’t give you that option. If you can do this then stacking coupons can give you a huge discount and save you tons in the end.
  5. Find out the best time to find the really good coupons, timing is everything. If you didn’t know, the beginning of the month is always the best time to find online deals.  There are also deals to be had in the middle and end of the month but the best ones are at the beginning.  Set reminders or mark your calendar to make a note of the best times to find them and then go and check out your favorite sites.

Before you rush out and spend tons of money online shopping just to take advantage of the coupon codes, ask yourself if the product will be valuable to your life.  Returning things that you bought online is nowhere as easy as just a quick trip to the mall.  If you need to return something it often means packaging your items up and shipping them back at your expense.