Are Livingsocial Promo Codes Going The Way of the Dinosaur?

livingsocial coupon codes 2018

5 Declining Methods of Advertising

The digital age is changing the way brands advertise to (younger) adults because their consumer behavior isn’t the same as older generations. First, digital content is replacing print media sources like newspapers and magazines. Also, fewer (young) people are watching television and going to the movies. Many households don’t have home telephones, having replaced them with cell phones, making it harder for advertisers to reach consumers at home.

Livingsocial Coupons: Are They Dead?

For a long time, you could find any livingsocial coupon code you needed on coupon websites like Coupon VPS and used it to save money on escapes, beauty treatments, restaurants, and the like. This coupon website hosted them all. But since Groupon acquired Livingsocial, it seems like they are only allowing coupons for Groupon, instead of Livingsocial. It seems like forever ago, when Livingsocial and Groupon brought the ‘group-buy’ model of coupons to the world in 2011. Will they both go out together?

Newspaper subscribers have declined over the last two decades as more readers turn to digital content. Also, many (remaining) newspaper subscribers are older and outside of the target demographic group that advertisers desire to reach, so newspaper adverts … Read the rest